Is the Biotech sector facing the issues of the Pharma Industry?

07/05/2015 - 5 minutes

Currently, the pharma industry is going through a serious crisis, as the sector needs to review its economic model. On the other hand, the biotech sector often considered as the best way to innovate seems less promising than expected when it comes to putting drugs up on the market. Knowing this, it is likely that the biotech industry will face same the challenges than those of the pharma industry.

First of all, with a low R&D productivity and the loss of patents, the Pharma industry needs to maximize the profitability of product portfolios. One way of doing so is through more and more partnerships, and more specifically with biotech companies.

For 30 years now, the biotech sector has been bringing a lot of innovations to the industrial process as well as to the final products. This has been made possible due to the discovery of new action mechanisms, a better knowledge and understanding of diseases, and a lust to improve the existing techniques.

Bio-blockbusters: a new model for the red biotech industry

Can we still say “blockbuster”?

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