Why Text Mining will Revolutionize Big Data in Biotech

15/02/2016 - 4 minutes


Currently, searching information within ‘big data’ is performed via key-words, often resulting in a high number of results that are not always relevant to your initial question. Now, imagine a tool that gives a more precise answer to your question with the same ease of use. That’s the power of text and data mining, and it’s coming into Biotech.

Since the development of the Internet, search tools have vastly improved, giving you powerful solutions to find information. However, often there are limitations in their results. When you’re looking for very specific answers, you simply obtain an extensive list of sources in which you have to dig around to find the relevant answer to your question.

Text and data mining tools use a specific algorithm capable of sifting through huge amounts of data to find the specific answer to an open question. Data mining tools use raw data sets, text mining tools use scientific literature. The text mining algorithm basically machine reads all articles full-text that are relevant to a topic,

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