Will Glowee Replace Electric Lighting with Bioluminescent Bacteria?

02/06/2015 - 3 minutes

What if we could use less electricity to light today’s civilizations? Glowee is a French start-up willing to take on this challenge by using genetically modified bacteria to produce light. I had the chance to talk with the company’s CEO Sandra Rey and will give you my thoughts.

It all started from a student project in a design college. Back in 2013, the team behind the project won the ArtScience Prize, created by a professor from Harvard. Traction from the market was visible and large companies started to contact them, but they had nothing scientifical yet. So they decided to launch the startup and joined an incubator in Paris.

But we had no idea on how to produce light with biolumiscence” told me Rey. In September last year, the ArtScience Prize winners started working on the science. They inserted gene producing lighting proteins into bacteria. The micro-organisms were then cultivated in a specific medium in order to avoid the later to be consumed too fast and to keep it as transparent as possible.

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