Cancer: World Best Ever CAR-T Results have Just been Disclosed

17/02/2016 - 3 minutes

These are the best results yet for CAR-T, this time from a research group led by Dirk Busch at the Technical University of Munich (Germany). In part backed by Juno Therapeutics, a method to select more potent T-cells and engineer a safety mechanism was announced at the annual meeting of the AAAS in Washington (US).

tum_car-t_cancer_leukemia_trial_94CAR-T therapies are one of the ways Biotech is revolutionizing Cancer treatments, and certainly one of the most hyped innovations in the medical field (read our review on how CAR-T works and what the Biotech competition is).

Ongoing research at TU München, in collaboration from Chiara Bonini of the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan and Stanley Riddell at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, has been focusing on potent T-cells. These are cells that can multiply and have a therapeutic effect even if only at very low numbers.

In particular, central memory T-cells (TCMs) seem to fit this profile.

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