World Hepatitis Day 2016: What is the plan for Biotech and Policy Makers?

28/07/2016 - 2 minutes

What is the purpose of the #NoHep campaign? To get rid of the inflammatory Liver viruses which are responsible for killing up to 1.4 million people each year, by 2030. 

Sometimes also described as the ‘Silent Epidemic’, Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver, which can be caused by several types of viral infections.

Research by the Lancet has also suggests that viral Hepatitis infections have a similar death toll to that of AIDS, Tuberculosis or malaria, despite there already being vaccines and even ‘cures’ for some types of the virus.

There are 5 different types (A – E) and many ways to contract them (which contrary to popular myth, is not only through contaminated needles or sexual intercourse). Biotech is fighting Hepatitis on many fronts. However, because of the different types of virus, it’s not been so straightforward…

hepatitis world vaccine virus day

Just recently, Abivax announced it’s likely its HBV vaccine will fail Phase III trials.

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