It’s World Parkinson’s Disease Day! #EndParkinsons

11/04/2016 - 4 minutes

Today (April 11th) is the birthday of the memorable Dr James Parkinson, who discovered this major neurodegenerative disease. So what is Parkinson’s Disease, and who is researching it?

brain_cnsFirst described in 1817 by James Parkinson, Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is the second most common chronic progressive neurodegenerative disorder in the elderly after Alzheimer’s.

Since PD mainly affects the motor system (the nerves which control movement), its progression and the characteristic tremors makes it more visible than other Neurological diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis (which is instead described as an ‘invisible illness’).

For this reason, PD’s presence in the media is well documented, particularly seeing as several major celebrities have also brought the disease a lot of attention in the media.

For example: Boxing legend Muhammed Ali, former US President George Bush Senior, the much loved actor Robin Williams (shortly before his death) and even the father of Surrealism, Salvador Dalí.

Then there is the Michael J. 

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