Ynsect: what’s behind this Yellow Biotech champion?

27/04/2015 - 5 minutes

How do you manage a planet with a growing population with increasing consumption needs when you only have a limited amount of ressources available? Everybody knows it’s a never-ending debate, but some companies are grabbing their chance to change the world. Ynsect is one of the many firms trying to do so, and could be a future champion of the Yellow Biotech field!


Let’s start with these figures and let’s keep it simple. We’re wasting a lot of food! The reason is often because we don’t like “ugly” products. Distributors and sellers throw food away in order to make consumers happy by meeting their high expectations. Customers, therefore, are pushed and incited to buy more appealing, nicely-shaped and colored products (okay, I’ll admit this is another topic to debate). Then, you have this huge amount of cheap, unused, available “ugly” food, with which you can feed insects (because they like it of course, but more importantly they do not care about the appearance of what’s presented to them.

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