Sanofi and the US Army team up for a Zika Vaccine, but why isn’t everyone else?

07/07/2016 - 4 minutes

Together with the US Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), the French infectious disease specialist, Sanofi Pasteur, hopes to speed up their promising new Zika virus vaccine.

Zika Sanofi Biotech pasteur trial With the concerns over the borderline epidemic of the Zika virus, with its mysterious origins and not fully understood pathophysiology, the Biotech and pharmaceutical industries have united globally to work on a vaccine.

There have been a variety of approaches attempting to guard against transmission of the virus. For example, many angles have addressed the need for improved physical barriers to the vector (the Aedes agypti mosequito).

These include better mosquito nets, access to barrier based contraceptives (in the case where it can be transmitted sexually) and removing bodies of stagnant water where larvae develop.

There have also been more controversial and biotech centred approaches to controlling the mosquito population which transmits the virus. UK-based Oxitec is well known for its ongoing and planned trial zones for their genetically engineered mosquitos. 

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