Reporter for Labiotech. I hail from the UK. I was born in Bristol, studied Neuroscience in the University of Bristol, and trained mice in Eisai, Hertfordshire, for one year. I then tickled locusts for my Ph.D. at the University of Leicester, before eventually ending up here!
Out of the office, I travel, play video games and board games, drink beer and play the piano.

Articles by Jonathan Smith

Startup Scout 16 Aug 2019

This Biotech Fights Alzheimer’s Disease by Targeting Support Brain Cells

Swiss Scientists Upgrade CRISPR to Edit Many Genes at Once

Engineered Skin Shows Potential to Treat Burns in Phase I

AskBio Acquires Scottish Biotech to Make Gene Therapies More Precise

Manufacturing Delays Set Back Autolus’ CAR-T Programs by Five Months

Startup Scout 9 Aug 2019

This Biotech Cleans up Drugs from Sewage Using Enzymes

Late-Stage Clinical Trial Troubles for Dry Eye Disease Drug

ADC Therapeutics and SOPHiA Genetics Team Up to Personalize Cancer Treatment

More News! 5 Aug 2019

Phase II Promise for Inhaled Chronic Lung Disease Treatment

Oncolytic Virus for Liver Cancer Ruled Futile in Phase III

Startup Scout 2 Aug 2019

This Biotech Uses Messenger RNA to Treat Lethal Lung Inflammation