Reporter for Labiotech. I hail from the UK. I was born in Bristol, studied Neuroscience in the University of Bristol, and trained mice in Eisai, Hertfordshire, for one year. I then tickled locusts for my Ph.D. at the University of Leicester, before eventually ending up here!
Out of the office, I travel, play video games and board games, drink beer and play the piano.

Articles by Jonathan Smith

More News! 18 Jul 2019

Swiss Pneumonia Antibiotic Abandoned in Phase III

More News! 17 Jul 2019

Scientists in Belgium Cure Anthrax in Mice by Smashing Bacteria’s Armor

Boehringer Ingelheim Acquires Cancer Vaccine Biotech in €325M Deal

Dutch-US Scientists Use Bacteria to Produce Graphene for Electronics

Gilead Pays Billions for Access to Galapagos’ Pipeline

Startup Scout 12 Jul 2019

This Biotech Uses ‘Omics’ to Develop Treatments for Drug-Resistant Cancer

More News! 11 Jul 2019

Bayer Launches Israeli Company to Develop Viruses Against Crop Disease

More News! 11 Jul 2019

French Company Raises €29M to Sell Supplements and Cosmetics from Microalgae

French Startup’s Universal Flu Vaccine Development Boosted by €8M Series A

Anti-Aging Gene Therapy Treats Cardiovascular Disease in Mice

Update: Swiss Biotech’s Series E Expanded to €271M to Commercialize Antibody-Guided Cancer Chemotherapy