Science journalist at Labiotech.eu. Born half Kiwi, half German. I have a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Science Communication from different Universities. I love writing, painting and eating chocolate. Sometimes, I share.

Articles by Larissa Warneck-Silvestrin

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How is Germany Meeting Patient Demand for Medical Cannabis?

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Current and Emerging Therapeutic Approaches for Autoimmune Diseases

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Medical Cannabis: Regulatory Issues, Patient Demand, and Pricing Changes in Germany

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Guidelines for Biotechs: Managing Risks in Biological Drug Development

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Investing in the Microbiome in the Age of Covid-19 and Beyond


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Boosting Cancer Research by Unlocking Genomic Data

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How can Proteomics Boost the Discovery of Novel Drugs and Biomarkers?

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Interview: The Do’s & Don’ts of Branded Content in the Life Sciences Industry

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How to Use Case Studies to Take Your Life Science Marketing Strategy to the Next Level