Top 15 Biotech Companies Shaking up the Scene in Cambridge

Cambridge has a large biotech scene that is starting to rival that of its US namesake. Here are the top 15 biotech companies in Cambridge you should know about.

Cambridge is a small but vibrant city that is well known for its university and for being a center of excellence for life sciences and health-related research. The Wellcome Sanger Institute, where part of the human genome was sequenced, is on its outskirts, next to the European Bioinformatics Institute. There are also a number of world-class research institutes in the vicinity including Addenbrookes Hospital.

While the city has historically had more of an academic research focus, in recent years it has become a major biotech and pharma hub. Antibody development is one of the strengths of the city thanks to the legacy of Cambridge Antibody Technologies, which pioneered the technology of phage display and developed Humira, the world’s best-selling drug. Newer therapeutic areas are also represented, such as RNA silencing, cell and gene therapies, and the microbiome,