Top 10 Biotech Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

05/08/2020 - 5 minutes

Here is a list of 10 biotech podcasts to keep you up to date with the latest advances in the awesome field of biotechnology.

Podcasts are a great way of using your brain when you are commuting, cleaning, going for a walk, doing the laundry, or just sitting down to relax. As a podcast fan myself, I find them a great way of learning new things. As I am also a biotech fan, I thought it would be great to put together a list of the best biotech podcasts out there that talk about biotechnology.

After some research and asking around, I’ve come up with a pretty sweet list that I’m sure will cater to all tastes, ranging from discussing recent news to a more in-depth analysis of business opportunities and investment trends.

The Long Run

the long run biotech podcastThe Long Run is hosted by US biotech journalist Luke Timmerman, founder and editor of Timmerman Reports. He invites biotech insiders to talk about the tough journey of turning scientific research into something meaningful — its title inspired by Ernest Shackleston’s Antarctic explorations. The episodes often go beyond the science and business of the companies featured, and discuss topics such as CEO activism or racism and gender inequality within the biotech industry.

Breaking Biotech

BreakingBiotech podcastBiotech is notably a very challenging sector to invest in. The rewards can be very high, but so is the risk. In the podcast Breaking Biotech, trader Matthew Lepoire shares the latest news affecting major biotech stocks and his personal insights on the strategies these companies are following. Overall, the podcast aims to provide tips and indications on how to maximize return when investing in biotech.


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Science Friction

Science friction biotech podcastScience Friction, hosted by Australian science journalist Natasha Mitchell, showcases the stories behind science. I got to know this podcast through an episode featuring an interview with Mark Post, the scientist behind the first lab-grown burger. Some other cool episodes discuss why female animals — and people — are often excluded from scientific studies, or focus on interesting stories such as that of a survivor of a clinical trial that went very wrong.

The Bio Report

the bio report biotech podcastThe Bio Report is produced by Daniel Levine, a well-known life sciences business journalist based in the US. This weekly podcast provides an insight at the most recent topics at the intersection of biotech, business and policy. While some episodes dive in-depth into specific topics, others strive to give a more general overview, highlighting specific companies and areas to watch and what to watch for this year.


Cell Culture Dish

Cell Culture Dish biotech podcastIn each of its episodes, the Cell Culture Dish podcast brings its listeners an interview with a professional in the biotech industry to talk about the most recent advances in the world of cell culture. The podcast, which is hosted by California-based editor Brandy Sargent, touches on the many challenges the industry faces, from the early research stages to market-approved products, and how the experts are tackling them.


Human Proof of Concept

human proof of concept biotech podcastThe podcast Human Proof of Concept takes an investor’s point of view into medical innovations. Its host, New York-based venture capitalist Janelle Anderson, talks to biotech leaders and venture capitalists to explore the ins and outs of the industry. The podcast has a strong focus on the human side of the people at the forefront of biotech innovation, exploring what they are like and what they are excited or worried about in the field.

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Talking Biotech

Talking Biotech podcastThe weekly episodes of the podcast Talking Biotech feature interviews with scientists across a wide range of fields within biotechnology, from plant biology to human medicine, as well as experts on science communication to share their knowledge. The podcast’s creator and host is Kevin Folta, science communicator and professor at the University of Florida, who also co-hosts the podcast Science Facts and Fallacies run by the Genetic Literacy Project.

GEN podcasts

Sounds of science biotech podcastThe US publication Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, commonly known as GEN, regularly publishes podcasts exploring the ins and outs of the biotech industry. These podcasts discuss recent news in the biotech scene around the world or dig deeper into current topics, such as gene therapy, CRISPR, or CAR-T immunotherapy. Often, the episodes bring in an expert in the field that weighs in on the topics and news featured.

First Rounders

First Rounders podcastProduced by the renowned journal Nature Biotechnology, the podcast First Rounders consists of a series of interviews with shakers and movers in the world of biotechnology. The episodes feature a wide range of individuals with different backgrounds and views in the field, including developers, investors, and company founders, who share their personal experience as well as insights into what’s to come in the rapidly growing field of biotechnology.

The Readout LOUD

The Readout LOUD biotech podcastThe Readout LOUD, produced by US publication STAT News, is a weekly podcast series where journalists discuss the most recent news and current topics in the biotech industry. In some episodes, the hosts are joined by industry professionals that weigh in on the discussion. (You should be aware that although some of the episodes of this podcast are publicly available, most require a subscription.)


Bonus episode: How to biohack your intelligence 

Kevin Rose Show biotech podcastBiohacking, or DIY biology, consists in doing biology experiments outside of tightly controlled — and expensive — lab settings. The movement can help get biology closer to people outside of science through simple experiments using open-source equipment. But some fear it could be taken too far. The protagonist of this podcast episode is Serge Faguet, a ‘hardcore biohacker’ and entrepreneur that experiments with his own brain and body.



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