Bored Between the Holidays? Watch these Biotech Videos!

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Christmas might have passed, but we have more videos for you to watch on a dreary winter day! Here are our highlights from 2017.

It’s vacation time! If you’ve worn out the holiday movies, catch up on our biotech ones. It was a busy year, and we produced a lot, thanks to our new Hangouts and Meetups. Approximately every month, we host a webinar with a biotech star and organize a casual evening event to get people talking about industry goings-on. If you missed them as they happened, you won’t want to miss these videos.

Below, we’ve recapped the highlights from this year, including oncology, anti-aging, and venture capital strategy. Watch on!


How far has biotech come?

David Berry, General Partner of renowned VC firm Flagship Pioneering, kicked off Refresh this year with a keynote about where biotech is heading. After its birth 30 years ago, Berry says it’s still in its infancy, albeit with tons of potential.  Here’s his view of the state of the industry. (Read the summary)

Battle of the Biotech Unicorns

At this year’s mRNA conference in Berlin, Clara sat the CEOs of two leading RNA companies across from each other: Ingmar Hoerr of CureVac and Stephane Bancel of Moderna. In what turned out to be a very friendly battle, they discussed the decades it has taken to bring the technology this far. (Read the summary)

How will biotech make us live longer?

The field of anti-aging hasn’t seen much innovation recently, despite a lot of money pouring in. Apollo Ventures joined the effort with the hope of speeding things up, and partner James Peyer talked to Philip about what’s on the firm’s radar these days, where R&D is headed, and what the biggest challenges are for the field. (Read the summary)

The Future of Cancer Treatments

This year was a big one for cancer research with the approval of the world’s first CAR-T therapy. But the field is much bigger than that, and the field is in the midst of a second revolution, according to panelists Masoud Tavazoie, CEO of Rgenix; Holger Reithinger, Partner at Forbion; and Carlos de Sousa, CEO of Immunicum(Read the summary here)

Picking the Brain of Europe’s Most Intense Investor

Kate Bingham, Managing Partner of SV Health Investors, is perhaps one of the best-known people in European biotech as a leading investor and fearless critic. She shared her thoughts on a range of topics, including developing drugs for dementia and gender diversity in biotech. (Read the summary here)

How to Build a Billion-Euro Biotech

MorphoSys is one of the success stories of German biotech, having just put its first drug on the market and grown to boast a market cap of €2.2B. At our first-ever meetup, CEO Simon Moroney talked about the company’s progress and plans for the future. (Read the summary)

Everything You Wanted to Know About Partnerships

Werner Lanthaler is at the helm of the German giant Evotec, and as CEO he has been advancing its strategy to pursue partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry. He told us more about the company’s strategy through the example of its partnership with Oxford, Lab282. (Read the summary here)

Will RNA treat CNS disorders next?

RNA is fast becoming all the rage, and new ProQR spinout and BIO Europe Startup Battle winner Amylon Therapeutics wants to take it to neurological diseases. CEO Thomas de Vlaam told us about the company’s strategy in rare disease and how it will expand into more common CNS diseases. (Read the summary here)

Meet this “Accidental Investor”

At our London meetup, Kevin Johnson, Partner at Medicxi, told us about how began his career working on one of biotech’s biggest success stories, Humira, and then stumbled his way into venture capital. From all of this experience, he shared some pearls of wisdom about investment strategy. (Read the summary here)

What’s NASH anyway?

Genfit is now the leader in the race to tap the massive market for a NASH treatment. It’s quite a competitive space as a result of its size — €37B, says CSO Dean Hum — but it’s a complex enough disease that there will be room for more than one treatment. Here’s Hum’s analysis. (Read the summary)

What’s It Like to Be a Synbio Entrepreneur in Academia?

Morten Sommer is Denmark‘s youngest full professor as well as the co-founder of a number of synbio-based companies like Biosyntia. In this Hangout, he talks about his trajectory and the challenges of translating science from the bench to the bedside. (Read the summary here)

What topics would you like to have seen us cover?

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