This Swedish Biotech Could Make Alzheimer’s Disease an Easier Target for Biotech

Just a couple of months after our last visit, we’re back in Gothenburg to visit Alzinova, which targets Alzheimer’s using its peptide technology.

Mission: Alzinova was founded in 2011 to develop its AβCC peptide technology against Alzheimer’s disease. The company’s approach exploits the unique properties of Aβ, a protein fragment that accumulates in the brain as the disease progresses. The fragment is difficult to target as it is constantly in equilibrium, moving between soluble and insoluble states. AβCC peptide technology overcomes this by fixing the peptide in a stable conformation so that it can be more easily targeted. Alzinova is currently developing a highly specific oligomer-directed vaccine (ALZ-101) and a diagnostic tool based on a monoclonal antibody (ALZ-201).

Comment: So far, the development of an effective Alzheimer’s disease treatment has proved difficult for biotechs around the world. But, this might be about to change! With Alzinova able to pin down a target, biotechs are no longer aiming at a moving object. It will be interesting to see whether Alzinova is approached by companies in the field like AC Immune, which targets both Aβ and Tau, and Probiodrug, which is ready for Phase IIb. Fingers crossed this is the extra boost that the field needs to get over the final hurdle, which has been too much for companies like Merck and Eli Lilly.

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