This Spanish Templar Town now Hosts a DNA Testing Biotech

This week we travel to Northern Spain to visit Ponferrada, a town that hosts a beautiful templar castle from the 12th century. Also based in this town, the biotech company Ampligen develops DNA tests for HPV, diagnostics and personalized medicine.

ampligen hpv dna test

Mission: Ampligen focuses on genetic testing. It offers non-invasive prenatal paternity tests and human papillomavirus (HPV) diagnostics that can discriminate between the different virus types. This January, the company launched Intimitest, a test for 19 HPV strains with high risk of inducing uterine cancer that can be done at home.

Ampligen is now developing tests aimed at enabling personalized medicine approaches. Its ultimate goal is to contribute to the transition from the current one-size-fits-all approach to individualized treatments.

Comment: After celebrating International Women’s Day this Wednesday, I thought this week was ideal to showcase a company with a strong focus on women. The research team behind Ampligen’s Intimitest is all women, and they must be really proud of seeing their product in the market!

The Intimitest team

The Intimitest team

Images from Migel /Shutterstock, Labiotech Map, Intimitest

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