This French Biotech Delivers Drugs to Exactly Where They Need to be

This week we’re visiting BioCellChallenge, based in Signes, France, which finds ways to deliver antibodies and peptides into cells, helping them to show their true therapeutic potential.

Mission: In 2009, BioCellChallenge began searching for ways to deliver drugs into cells, which can be a problem for new therapies. The biotech has developed ImmunoCellin that, without damaging the antibody, integrates lipid structures into the protein so that it can be delivered directly into a target cell. This means that antibodies, which have huge therapeutic potential, can now reach a range of new targets. The company hopes to use its technology for therapeutic peptides, which have so far been used sparingly in pharmaceuticals due to their difficulty in crossing cell membranes.

Comment: With over 90% of the deregulated targets that lead to the disease found inside cells, the ability to effectively deliver antibodies and therapeutic peptides into cells could be ground-breaking. Biotechs like Complix and Ablynx are developing Alphabodies and nanobodies, respectively, which can freely pass across membranes. However, BioCellChallenge’s technology could breath new life into existing antibody and peptide therapies.

Image – Grisha Bruev /

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