A Swedish Biotech Bringing Lab-on-a-Tip Tech to the Cell Biology Field

We’ve nipped back to Sweden before the winter sets in. Here in Gothenburg, we’re visiting Fluicell, which has developed the first lab-on-a-tip tool.

Mission: Fluicell wants to redefine the current approach to cell biology, by bringing revolutionary technology to the fingertips of researchers in life sciences. The company is targeting its equipment towards cell and membrane research, as well as, pharmacology.

The system by which the BioPen injects a solution onto a cell, and then removes it by aspiration.

Its first product, the BioPen, is a very sophisticated pipette tip, which delivers one of up to four solutions to single cells or small groups. Solutions can be applied to the cells, and quickly removed/replaced in less than a second, thanks to its clever system of injection and aspiration tubes. It has many applications, for example, enzymology, pharmacology and bioprinting.

Comment: The release of the BioPen is exciting news for researchers across the life sciences. It has a number of advantages over current techniques, including the capacity to interrogate single cells, low compound consumption and no risk of contamination. Hopefully, the BioPen will speed up and improve the quality of ongoing research.

Image – Leonid Andronov / shutterstock.com; Fluicell

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