Meet this Exciting Synthetic Biology Biotech from Cambridge

The past week was governed by the exciting SynBioBeta conference taking place in London. Of course, we found several exciting young biotechs there, including Isomerase Therapeutics. The biotech is specialized in synthetic biology and is located in the biotech hub of Cambridge

Mission: Isomerase Therapeutics is developing new therapeutics based on optimized microbial and fungal natural products. Using a combination of biosynthetic engineering, synthetic biology and semi-synthetic chemistry the company can upgrade the pharmacological properties of natural molecules to deliver new candidate drugs. Its synthetic biology toolbox allows the company to rebuild and manipulate biosynthetic pathways from difficult-to-access organisms and to generate and test diverse variants of proteins, for example through manipulation of binding specificity.

Comment: Ever since the molecular biology revolution, synthetic biology has changed our approach to the sustainable production of biofuels, food, chemicals and medicine using biological organisms. Not surprisingly, Isomerase is collaborating both with partners from therapeutic areas, such as cancer and immunology, as well as non-therapeutic areas such as agriculture, emphasizing the wide range of applications of this emerging field. Isomerase Therapeutics-process

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