This Spanish Biotech Makes Customizable Bioprinters for Tissue Regeneration

Today, we’re in Granada, Spain, visiting Regemat 3D, a biotech that makes 3D bioprinters that can grow heart, bone and cartilage to use in tissue regeneration and drug development. 

This Spanish Biotech Makes Customizable Bioprinters for Tissue Regeneration

Mission: Founded in 2015, Regemat 3D develops bioprinters for use in regenerative medicine, with a focus on treating cartilage degeneration and joint diseases. The bioprinters make three-dimensional scaffolds in which cells can be placed in order to recreate a range of tissues, from bones, cartilage and tendons to heart valves and skin.


Importantly, Regemat 3D’s approach allows customers to customize some of the bioprinter’s features, such as the size of the printing area and the axis movement range. Additionally, the bioprinters can be used to create 3D structures containing cancer cells and tissue against which potential new cancer drugs can be tested.

What we think: Even though 3D bioprinting is an emerging field, it has been growing quickly over the last decade and a variety of different forms of the technology, such as ink-jet and laser-based bioprinting, have developed. The technology could eventually remove the need for organ donors, animal testing in labs, and prevent immune responses to transplanted tissue.

Not surprisingly, quite a few companies are trying to harness the technology’s potential in addition to Regemat 3D. For example, the Oxford spin-out OxSyBio recently raised £10M (€11,26M) to develop a bioprinter that uses liquid droplets to print tissues, which protects the cells from degradation by heat and UV light. In the Netherlands, the company Iamfluidics is trying to speed up the printing process by using jets to place cells on a microchip scaffold. In addition, Belgian biotech Bone Therapeutics is developing a 3D bioprinted synthetic matrix that can simplify bone surgeries.

Image by emperorcosar/Shutterstock

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