A French Biotech Planning to Take Vascular Medical Devices to the Next Level

This week we are just outside Paris visiting Sensome, a biotech developing exciting technology to turn vascular medical devices into connected healthcare devices.

Mission: Sensome’s big aim is to produce implantable devices for neurovascular, peripheral vascular and cardiovascular conditions. Their sensor technology provides instant information about tissue composition, helping to inform medical professionals on important decisions such as choice of surgical procedure. At the moment, Sensome is developing vascular access devices to deliver their exciting sensor to where it needs to be.

Comment: I find this a very exciting approach, as it has the potential to make a massive difference. For me, it is no wonder that co-founder, Franz Bozsak, won the EY prize for Parisian Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016. Sensome is currently focusing on ischemic stroke. A sensible choice considering that this represents around 80% of all strokes.

When treating an individual for a stroke, time really is of the essence. Sensome’s technology can provide information that will help surgeons to determine which of two surgical procedures is most suitable. The time saved could make a huge difference to the patient’s life, for example, preventing temporary or permanent disability.

The plan was to move the technology into humans by 2018 and bring it to the market by 2019, I’ll be keeping an eye out for any announcements.

Image – Dennis van der Water / shutterstock.com

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