This Biotech in London is Going After the Most Common Eye Disease

This week we strolled along the famous Hyde Park in London. Just a few meters from there, the biotech company TopiVert is developing a unique technology to treat inflammatory diseases. 

TopiVert London Steve Webber CSO

Mission: TopiVert focuses on the development of Narrow Spectrum Kinase Inhibitors (NSKIs) that target several specific kinases involved in inflammatory diseases simultaneously. The key characteristic of these molecules is that they present local activity, minimizing exposure in the rest of the body to reduce side effects.

topivert london nski

NSKI (pink) bound to its kinase target (green)

Comment: TopiVert’s lead candidate, TOP1288, is intended for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, a disease with a market expected to reach €3.5M by 2021. Its second candidate, however, targets the less crowded market of dry eye syndrome, which despite being the most common eye disease lacks effective long-term treatments. This week, TOP1630 was used in patients for the first time in a Phase I/IIa clinical trial. If the drug proves safe and effective, 5-6% of the population could benefit from it in the future!

Images from jirabu /Shutterstock; TopiVert

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