Austrian Biotech Has Us Hooked with its Exciting Vaccine Technology

This week, we’ve headed to Vienna to take in some art, music and a biotech with one of the funkiest names in the industry – Hookipa. 

Mission: Hookipa Biotech develops vaccines for infectious diseases and cancer. One of its platforms, TheraT fights cancer using an attenuated replicating virus, which can make even ¨cold tumors hot¨. Plans for its clinical development for head and neck cancers are being finalized at the moment. The company’s second platform, Vaxwave, is a replication-defective viral vector, which ensures the virus is no longer dangerous. It completed a Phase I trial during which positive results against human cytomegalovirus were seen.

Comment: Here at Labiotech, we were already well aware of Hookipa’s exciting potential, as it was named as one of our 10 biotechs to watch in 2017. What caught my eye about Hookipa is that they are trying to overcome a problem – the concerns surrounding the therapeutic use of viruses. In particular, Vaxwave is unable to replicate so there is no chance at all of it going wrong and developing into a nasty infection. With greater acceptance of the technology, progress may become smoother and effective viral treatments can reach the market.

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