Norwegian Biotech Gets a Helping Hand from Cancer Survivors

We’ve braved the cold up in Oslo to visit Zelluna Immunotherapy, which is taking T cell receptors from long-term cancer survivors to help others.

Mission: Zelluna Immunotherapy is dedicated to finding effective immunotherapies to treat a broad range of cancers with a high unmet medical need. The biotech realized that long-term survivors from vaccine trials could hold the key to developing new cancer treatments, so it began isolating tumor-specific T cell receptors (TCRs) from them. Zelluna has now accumulated a large collection of TCRs, and with this, it hopes to revolutionize cancer therapies, currently targeting TGFβRII, KRAS and hTERT cancers, in particular.

Comment: It’s great to see Zelluna taking advantage of the changes we can induce in the immune system using vaccines. We develop them to stimulate the immune system to develop the defences that we need to fight disease, so it makes sense to go in afterwards and see what exactly we’ve done. I am excited to see how these TCRs, which are unique – by being tailored to the patient’s immune system, having proven safety and efficacy and do not require engineering – could change the face of the cancer therapies field.

Zelluna has set itself quite a challenge to break into the TCR field, with AdaptimmuneCell Medica and Immunocore already battling it out.

Image – Nattee Chalermtiragool /

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