Gene Therapy Industry Report 2021

A Growing Market, Current Challenges, and an Exciting Future

Download the report and discover:

  • The latest market trends, gene therapies in the global pipeline, and major players in the field
  • How gene therapy development works
  • The essential building blocks of gene therapies: viral and non-viral delivery vectors
  • The challenges of gene therapy development and manufacturing
  • What developments to look out for in the future

About this report

By 2019, the global gene therapy market was on a trajectory to skyrocket, with a market value of €2.74B. But then the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the globe. The gene therapy market took a big hit, as investors and global governments shifted their focus to the global health crisis.

Nevertheless, the gene therapy field is expected to recover and continue its growth spurt in the future. By 2027, it is estimated to reach an impressive market value of €17.8B.

In this brand new report, we take a closer look at the growing gene therapy market, current development and manufacturing challenges, and the exciting future ahead.

This report was produced with the kind support from PerkinElmer.

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