1st day of September, Here Comes Labiotech V3

Labiotech V3

Hi there,

Holidays are over, so let’s start September right away in the right dynamic. We worked hard this summer, especially Alexis, our web dev intern, and Nicolas to deliver you this V3 of Labiotech.eu. These are the 5 biggest optimizations (screenshots below):

  • Our map/database is now integrated at www.labiotech.eu/map
  • Company pages from the map now show related articles we have written on Labiotech. Check out Immatics’ page as an example
  • Design improvement for the header and the home page
  • Brand new social share buttons and next-previous buttons
  • Speed improvements, website should load at least 2x faster

We are excited to release this new version. The design, outlook and navigation of our website are extremely important to us. We already received lot of compliments and hope to receive even more. Feel free to reach out to philip-at-labiotechgroup.com if you would like to give me any feedback.

Congrats again to Alexis for his great job,


Ps: Of course, it won’t harm us if you would like to share this brand new version with your friends/colleagues 😉


Here’s a view of the new landing page. On the top right, you have a button to access our Biotech map. Under the navigation bar, you have our new banner where companies can advertise on our platform and below of the slider, a new indicator to see on which panel of the slider you are.


The map is now integrated into Labiotech.eu. We decided to merge both websites to increase synergies between them.


Each company on the map already had its own page showing detailed informations. Now, it even shows all the related articles we have written about them. This is a great way to quickly find the information you want on a company.


New share buttons are integrated directly on the home page. You can now share an article without reading it (sounds a bit strange, but lot of people are doing that).


The new share buttons are also in the article view. And that’s where you have the new next-previous posts. This allows you to quickly go through the last articles we published.

Loading time of the website

Last but not least, we improved the speed of the website, on desktop and on mobile. It’s just so pleasant to have a website that loads fast 😉

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