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Our team has been at the center of the digital transformation of the Life Science industry. After only a few years of existence, we grew to be the leading digital media for Biotech in Europe. To keep our website free, we also decided to open our platform to advertisers looking for exposure in the Biotech industry. With over 200 successful client projects under our belt, we learned a lot on how to create and promote digital marketing campaigns in the life science space.

Even though, we believe that marketing practices are still lagging behind in Life Sciences compared to other industries. We also know that good content for Life Science marketing is rare.

That’s why we decided to launch a new section on our website, called (drum roll) Labiotech Reach!

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Our brand new logo! When you see it in the top left corner, you are on Labiotech reach.

The mission of Labiotech Reach is to create a place for Life Science marketers to get inspired and experiment more with digital tools. To do so, Labiotech Reach will regularly publish content on digital marketing in Life Sciences.

As an independent media, we value the independence of our journalists more than anything else. As a result, Labiotech Reach will be voluntarily independent of our editorial team so they can stay fully focused on covering the Biotech industry.

Labiotech Reach will also have its own newsletter. You can already sign up to our mailing list with the button below.


Actions speak louder than words so we have already written a new article to trigger your curiosity. Read more on the 7 trends in Life Science marketing to follow in 2018.

Have a nice read and welcome to Labiotech Reach 🙂

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