Who Said Board Game Nights Were Boring?

Looking for a cheap team building activity? Gather all your board games together and battle it out! That’s what we got up to on Monday. What better way to bring your team together than by making them compete against each other in high-stress board games?

The only thing that will cost money is food. Want to know how to show your staff you appreciate them? Feed them. With Hummus. And Falafel. And a vegan ice cream surprise!


Get the imagination flowing and your team accusing each other of being a werewolf for no particular reason. Emotions run high, crazy stories evolve, and you find out who has the best poker face. We discovered that Alex wasn’t the best at this. When asked to defend himself against the werewolf accusation, he came up with “well… I have a yellow shirt.” He was killed and the villagers lost one of their finest.

Apparently, there is a Slack version of Werewolf. If anyone has played this then please let us know what you think. I think this is paramount to the success of Labiotech.

Jungle speed

You’ve gotta be quick and have your brain 100% switched on for this! It’s also a necessity to make sure all nails are cut. Things can get physical. Alex shined bright once again, at being the slowest. He was playing against some seasoned Jungle Speeders so we’ll let him off this time 😉

Exploding Kittens

No seriously, this is the best game ever. Kittens, hilarious design, unpredictable outcomes, what more could you ask for? I would recommend that you all stop what you’re doing and go find a pack. And probably someone to play against.

All up this was a great night and gave us all the chance to unwind a bit. A team who board games together, sticks together!

What’s your favourite board game? We’re looking for inspiration for our next night!

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