Why is Victor Dillard, Founder of Desktop Genetics, reading Labiotech.eu?

Victor Dillard

Leaders & Readers: I had a chat with Victor Dillard about why he reads Labiotech.eu. He’s the COO/CFO, and Founder of Desktop Genetics, a leader in genome editing technology that aims to help researchers discover and treat the root genetic cause of human disease.

This interview has just been lightly edited for grammar.

Why and how often do you read Labiotech.eu?

I read every email newsletter from Labiotech.eu, and read probably between 1-3 articles a week.

(We have a fantastic weekly newsletter in my humble opinion. If you haven’t subscribed then you definitely should. Sign up here!)

How did you first hear about us?

I found out about Philip’s Tour de (biotech) France and absolutely loved the idea. Then Philip came to the UK to do a tour of UK biotechs and we (Desktop Genetics) were lucky to be featured on that as well as in the (super useful) map. Young entrepreneurs in biotech in Europe? We quickly find out about each other.

(Check out our Tour and see all the cool documentaries that we made in different biotech hotspots! You can see Desktop Genetics in our UK documentary. You can also check out our (super useful) map here!)

What’s your favourite article?

I like all the CRISPR and genome editing articles, of course. You published a great review of CRISPR (even though it didn’t mention Desktop Genetics). I also really like your articles about best books and best podcasts in biotech.

(We have a lot of articles on CRISPR and gene editing. Have a peruse of them here. You can also have a look at our latest articles on our top biotech books and podcasts.)

What else do you read in biotech/science?

I read GenomeWeb and FierceBiotech, and of course, have my healthy dose of scientific papers to review every week.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

The map is excellent – please continue keeping it up to date. The news is fresh, easy to read and digest. Keep up the great work!

Many thanks to Victor! Now, I would love to hear why you read Labiotech.eu, just comment below or send me an email to katherine@www.labiotech.eu 😉

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