Labiotech’s Identity Gets a Makeover

labiotech new identity banner

You may have noticed Labiotech has been changing it up a bit, adding a splash of paint and a curvy line here or there. Well, we decided it’s high time we improved our graphic identity.

Alfredo has been the mastermind behind these new changes. He has recently joined us from Italy and has been doing a great job at making us beautiful.


“I liked that Labiotech’s editorial style was different from other science-based media; a bit playful, less formal but still right on point. I wanted to keep the new graphic identity in line with this persona, keeping Labiotech fun and approachable.”

– Alfredo Ascari, Labiotech’s Graphic Designer


Taking inspiration from the curvy form of the double helix in our logo, he has created banners for our articles, social media, and other graphics to show consistency and style, giving us an identifiable personality, so readers can recognize us with a glance. Having a strong graphic identity also increases readers retention, increases engagement on social media and makes us more memorable as a company to our readers.

Have a look at the difference:

Expect to see some more changes unfolding in the coming weeks! Tell us what you think by dropping a message in the comment section 😉


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