What’s The Impact Of Labiotech On The Biotech Ecosystem? (Hint: It’s High … )

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Our mission is to deliver the best content and to bring together people making up the biotech ecosystem in Europe. How do we do it? Is it actually impactful? If so, how? Let me try to answer…

To start off, let’s take some perspective, what’s the current state of the connectivity of the biotech industry in Europe? It’s more connected than ever before but still not enough. Europe is still fragmented and too local, limited to a country or a region.

This doesn’t make sense in biotech where you have to be global from day one. And this doesn’t make sense if you want to use the potential of all the research, talents, and money available from the 500+ million people living in the EU.

I believe one fundamental way to increase collaboration is to properly inform the stakeholders within an ecosystem. How is a French (wo)man supposed to collaborate with a Finn (and vice-versa) if they have little to no idea who is doing what?

That’s the problem we are trying to solve.

We are now informing over 150,000 readers per month with the most accessible, relevant, and up-to-date content we could publish. We are also bringing together over 1000 attendees at our 8 annual meetups to bring thought leaders, deal makers, and everyone in between together. Labiotech’s goal is to allow our readers to make more informed decisions, sign better deals, find better jobs, and get to know each other better – ultimately leading to more patients getting cured with breakthrough therapies, more transportation fueled by clean energy and less hunger in the world.

As Ingmar Hoerr, founder of the biotech unicorn Curevac puts it (better than I) on LinkedIn:

By doing so, we are an enabler for the industry.

How much do we enable exactly? I cannot tell you a precise %, my guess would be in the low single digits, which is already huge. What I can share with you are examples I have heard from our readers:

  • “Thanks for covering our Danish startups, a French VC contacted us after reading the article and ultimately invested over 1M”
  • “I discovered this amazing biotech company in Switzerland, applied and was hired!”
  • “Thanks to your sponsored article, we signed a deal with Bayer in Berlin and it is now our biggest customer!”
  • And many more …

I asked a few of the best biotech leaders what their perception of our impact is and here is what they had to say:






I’m so glad to hear such awesome feedback as they perfectly illustrate the hard work our team is doing every day to make the European biotech ecosystem better. Kudos to them 🙌 If you want to support us in our mission, feel free to share Labiotech.eu with your colleagues/friends, to have a look at our open positions, to subscribe to our Newsletter and to check out what our advertisement can do.

What do you think about our impact? Would love to hear from you on social media or by email 😉

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