Labiotech: Taking it to the next level

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Today is an exciting day for us! In its short history, Labiotech has brought a fresh dynamic and original concepts to the Biotech media industry.

So far, 5 Tours have been accomplished worldwide with 5 more to come still in 2015. For the first time, Labiotech has filmed entire biotech companies and ecosystems, to cover the latest innovative technology in this field.
March 2015, Labiotech introduced a map revolutionizing the way people search for Biotech companies. In just under 3 weeks, it has already registered over 1.200 subscribers and adds new companies on a regular basis.

Labiotech has seen its size and number of users grow. In 2013, we started and to cover French and European Biotech news and we are proud to count over 10.000 unique visitors per month today on our websites.

It’s now time to take Labiotech to the next level and to turn it into the European reference for Biotech news. For this purpose, we will soon shutdown and concentrate on, publishing 20 quality articles a week covering the entire European region. This decision reflects our willingness to continue transforming the way people discover exciting news in the Biotech field all across Europe.

We would like to thank you personally for following us since the very beginning!

Joachim and Philip, co-founders of Labiotech Group

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