We Were Invited To Speak At Biotech Week Boston, Here’s How it Went

As one of the main media sponsors of some of the EBD Group events, we have a great relationship, and this year we were also invited to Boston to speak at BioPharm America! 🇺🇸🗽 

Philip was excited to attend this year as he was invited to moderate a panel discussion. He’s now back and is absolutely buzzing. Here are some of the coolest things he experienced:

Arriving in sunny and hot Boston, Philip, of course, starts rocking one of his many Labiotech t-shirts (luckily they didn’t get too squashed in his bag!)

He moderated a panel with four awesome speakers, the first he has ever moderated in the US! He had an absolute blast. The room was full, the audience very interested, and all five of the panel members received many compliments afterwards. (If you want to know more about the content of the panel we will have a dedicated article to be published soon 🙂 )

Biotech Week Boston was full of awesome speakers. Pictured here is Bob Langer from MIT, the most cited engineer in history! Very inspiring talk.

“No Chemical faculty offered me a job, they didn’t believe in the bio things, now one third of the universities put bio in front of their chemical department” – Bob Langer

Of course, a big bonus to attending these events is getting to meet the best marketing person in life science events 😉

An EBD event cannot end without a party, this time inside the Royale in downtown Boston, where people started dancing just before it closed, Philip included.

Before all the excitement of the event, Philip was very busy arranging meetings. One of these was a dinner where he “had” to take the lobster.

Another meeting was with David Berry from Flagship, “one of the most inspiring biotech investors I’ve met so far” according to Philip.

“This week in Boston was so amazing! I loved attending and speaking at Biotech Week Boston, being inspired by top-notch speakers, arranging meetings with some of the best biotech people in the area, and enjoying the blue skies and the Charles River. I’m always amazed how fast Kendall square is growing, it’s insane. Literally dozens of buildings have popped up since I last visited two years ago, what is the limit? The energy that comes out of this place is unique and very enjoyable. Thanks again to EBD for inviting me to speak and for being such an awesome partner.”

Why did we want to go to BioPharm America?

As a part of Boston Biotech Week (a week dedicated to accelerating the business of biotech through new ideas, science, technology, and partnerships), BioPharm America is a 2-day event where we can partner and network to our heart’s content. This is a pretty big event with over 700 attendees so there are definitely one or two people we can talk to 😉 There are presentations, partnering and networking opportunities, and, very importantly, some pretty awesome parties.

What else will we be doing with EBD this year?

The big and exciting event that always heads our biotech calendar is BIO-Europe. We always have such a great time at this conference and meet really interesting people.“BIO-Europe and BIO-Europe Spring are the best partnering conferences for biotech in Europe,” according to Philip. This year it’s on the 5-7 November in Copenhagen, so ping us if you’ll be there, we would love to catch up!

Have a look at some of the people we met this year at BIO-Europe Spring:

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