How To Be A Main Media Sponsor of BIO-Europe Spring

Labiotech loves media partnerships. We promote cool biotech events, and in return, we get visibility at the event. One of our favorite partnerships is with EBD Group, and we want to tell you why we love working with them and how we became one of their main media sponsors for BIO-Europe Spring 2018.

EBD is an event organizer for the life science industry. They host some pretty major events throughout Europe like BIO-Europe Spring, BIO-Europe, Bio€quity Europe as well as many others around the world. “BIO-Europe and BIO-Europe Spring are the best partnering conferences for biotech in Europe,” says Philip, a long-term fan. If you haven’t heard of them, you should definitely check them out. It’s where all the cool kids hang out. 😉

Here at Labiotech, we’re absolutely thrilled to be one of their main media sponsors for BIO-Europe Spring 2018. We’re long-term fans of this event so Christmas has come early in the Labiotech household! How did we get here?

Why are we one of the main media sponsors for BIO-Europe Spring?

Being a media sponsor gives visibility to both sides. Starting with the basics, we help to promote their event through social media, promotion through our newsletter, and give them a space on our Labiotech event calendar so the whole world can see them and get ridiculously excited for awesomeness.

On their side, they put our snazzy logo on all of their event paraphernalia and their event website, and a lucky Labiotech-er gets to wriggle over to the event to hang out.

But, because they’re cool, and because we’re cool too, our coolness powers have combined and made awesome. Therefore both sides are giving a little more. This means that you, our lovely readers, get some awesome deals! For example, you can use our promo code when purchasing your ticket to get a €200 discount (do it now, it’s Labiotech-BES18)!

This year they are also letting us co-host our free Refresh meetup at BIO-Europe Spring in Amsterdam, a never seen before moment! This will be an unmissable event focussed on how to grow a successful startup and financing strategies to achieve this. You can still register for the event, so do it now before spots are gone!

What’s it like to work with them?

Not only do they organize awesome events, but they’re also a lot of fun to work with. The team is open to new ideas, really friendly, and have a great sense of humour. This Twitter conversation is a great example of that, taking our silliness and running with it.

Because we only work with a few from the team it means that things run a lot faster. It’s easier to make decisions with fewer people to butt heads. This makes the whole organizing process a lot smoother and less stressful! They’re also up for trying new things, like co-hosting Refresh at BIO-Europe Spring! A very accommodating bunch.

We are super happy to have such a close relationship with EBD. Working with Kari and Annika is always so much fun and the results speak for themselves! I hope we’ll continue on this path for years to come!Tom

Most importantly, their events are always really fun with amazing networking opportunities. They bring together great people from the industry for a mix of professional and laid back events. Check out this video we made at BIO-Europe 2017!

Here’s some other stuff they do:

  • They host Startup Slams and they let us be involved! Through our partnership with J&J last year, we helped to attract startups to compete, including the winner, Amylon Therapeutics. Tom got to present the award at last years event which he still keeps telling people about 😉

  • They host awesome after parties where everyone can just relax and have fun. These are always a highlight, especially when DJs like Umami are playing 🎧

Bayer after party – BIO-Europe 2017


The EBD and Labiotech gangs hanging out at BIO-Europe 2017

“It has been a pleasure to work with the EBD team for all editions of BIO-Europe and BIO-Europe Spring since 2015. I hope it’s for many more to come!” The rest of the gang at Labiotech agree with Philip, so bring on some more partnerships!

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