Why is Sofinnova’s Rafaèle Tordjman reading Labiotech.eu?

In our new series, “Leaders & Readers,” we ask different European biotech leaders to tell us why they read Labiotech.eu. This time, we talked to Rafaèle Tordjman, now Special Advisor at Sofinnova Partners, one of the most successful European biotech VCs.

This interview has just been lightly edited for grammar.

Why do you read Labiotech.eu?

Labiotech.eu is very interesting, not only because it covers all the news in biotech with a very accurate view, but also for its treatment of and approach to a lot of different topics — clinical and business news, political topics, interesting career stories and interviews… It is the only European media that really covers every topic in biotech. The articles and videos are just great and so well-researched. It really reminds me of the New England Journal of Medicine, but just for biotech 🙂

How often do you read Labiotech.eu?

Quite frequently, I read it a few times a week. For me, it’s really great to keep track, particularly through its flow on twitter. The latest news are always covered very rapidly.

How did you hear about us?

I first heard of Labiotech.eu during a biotech conference. Later, I also heard about the magazine through press.

Do you have a favourite article?

That is really hard to say, but I think my favourite one is the article about gender diversity in biotech. (Find the article here)

What else do you read in Biotech/Science?

I also read BioCentury, FierceBiotech, the New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Drug Discovery.

Thanks a lot to Rafaèle for her time to answer our questions! We are always happy to hear our readers’ feedback. It really motivates us!

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