Why is Erik Digman Wiklund, CFO of Targovax, reading Labiotech.eu?

Leaders & Readers: I had a chat with Erik Digman Wiklund about why he reads Labiotech.eu. He is the CFO of Targovax, a clinical-stage company focusing on the development of immuno-oncology therapies.

This interview has just been lightly edited for grammar.

Why do you read Labiotech.eu?

I enjoy the easygoing and fun style of Labiotech, which is a refreshing change from the many dry industry publications. Also, what differentiates Labiotech is the variety of topics, and that you offer op-ed pieces that go beyond straight news coverage.  

How often do you read Labiotech.eu?

I check the webpage for updates about 1-2 times per week.

How did you first hear about us?

I was introduced to Labiotech through an interview for an article with your editor Evelyn Warner.

(Have a read of the interview here – These Norwegian Biotech Execs are Bringing Back Cancer Vaccines & Oncolytic Viruses)

What’s your favourite article?

I really like the biotech map, a very useful tool! Otherwise, the top 7 EU biotechs of all time is an article I remember and went back to reread.

(You can have a look and play around with the Labiotech map,  and don’t miss having a read of the article, ‘The 7 Best Biotech Companies in Europe’s History’.)

What else do you read in biotech/science?

I track the news on Fiercebiotech most days, and also routinely read Endpoints News and Mednous.

Is there any specific topic you wish to see more of?

  • A weekly synthesis of the top industry news and events – how about in the form of a podcast?
  • More coverage on how investors and big pharma B&D think and work
  • Immuno-oncology.

Many thanks to Erik! Now, I would love to hear why you read Labiotech.eu, just comment below or send me an email to katherine-at-labiotech.eu 😉

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