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Hello biotechies,

Job hunt frustration? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Check out the exclusive offer from Colorifix or become a Food Scientist at NOQUO FOODS. Just starting out? Check out the internship at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research!

Exclusive Offers

Materials Specialist at Colorifix. Norwich, United Kingdom. Click here

Computational Biologist at Colorifix. Norwich, United Kingdom. Click here

Research & Development

Food Scientist at NOQUO FOODS. Stockholm, Sweden. Click here

Metabolic Engineer at iMEAN. Occitanie, France. Click here

Clinical & Production


CMC Project Manager at Genmab. Copenhagen, Denmark. Click here

Senior Clinical Research Associate at PPD. Warsaw, Poland. Click here

Business Development & Marketing


Global Brand Manager at Bavarian Nordic . Kvistgård, Denmark. Click here

Science Leader at GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB . Uppsala, Sweden. Click here


Internship at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research. Leipzig, Germany. Click here

Internship at Bayer. Bergschenhoek, Netherlands. Click here

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