Bayer and Evotec Extend their Endometriosis Partnership

Bayer and Evotec have decided to extend their partnership for the development of endometriosis drugs now that their second candidate has made it to Phase I. 

Bayer and Evotec have announced today that a second compound derived from their endometriosis partnership has made it to clinical trials. The team has decided to extend the partnership for an extra year, until the end of 2018, and take the number of candidates to be developed up from three to four.

Financial details have not be disclosed, but it would clearly raise the numbers from the original deal, in which Evotec could make up to €580M if all three candidates met their development and commercialization milestones. The scientific basis of the treatments under development is, unfortunately, also undisclosed.

With around 11% of women in reproductive age suffering from this painful condition, the endometriosis market is expected to reach €1.7Bn by 2025 and the team seems decided to take over the space. Both companies seem to work well together – last September, they decided to take up a second collaboration, this one in kidney disease.

Image via Magic mine

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