The EMA Grants Priority to an Enzyme to Avoid Liver Transplant Rejection

Hansa Medical has accessed the EMA’s priority medicines scheme to accelerate the development of a therapy that broadens the access to kidney transplants.

Hansa Medical, based in Lund, Sweden, develops enzymes with immunomodulatory properties. Its lead candidate, IdeS, has now been granted access to the EMA’s priority medicines (PRIME) scheme, designed to support the development of medicines that address unmet medical needs by speeding up the approval process.

Hansa Medical’s IdeS is an enzyme derived from Streptococcus pyogenes that degrades IgG antibodies. The molecule is being developed as a treatment for patients that need a kidney transplant but can’t currently receive it due to the presence of anti-HLA IgG antibodies. The enzyme is now being evaluated in a Phase III trial from which results are expected in 2018, and Hansa is planning to expand its indications to a variety of autoimmune diseases.

Image via Palii Yurii

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