Positive House Dust Mite Immunotherapy Results for UK Biotech

British biotech Allergy Therapeutics reports positive early-stage results for its house dust mite immunotherapy.

It’s been a good month for Allergy Therapeutics, which also reported positive Phase II results for its grass pollen allergy vaccine trial last week. It seems to be doing well, with a number of products targeting common allergies in late stage clinical trials.

The company’s observational dust mite immunotherapy study took place across Spain. The 141 participants showed a 43% reduction in a combination of allergy symptoms and need for anti-allergy medication after one year of therapy. There was also a notable reduction in asthma symptoms after immunotherapy treatment — 16.7% after one year vs 50.9% on day one — in a subgroup of people with the condition who took part in the trial.

The modified house-dust mite product used in this study is sold through a patient program in Spain, and is the precursor to the trial vaccine being developed by the company, which is currently in Phase I trials.

It remains to be seen if Allergy Therapeutics can continue with its good fortune in what can be a difficult market to crack, with recent late stage failures from UK-based Circassia Pharmaceuticals, as well as French DBV Technologies.

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