Finnish Rapid Molecular Diagnostic Test Enters European Market

Mobidiag, a Finnish biotech, has launched a diagnostic test that can rapidly detect the most common disease-causing microbes in the gut. The test can help manage infections more effectively at an earlier stage.

Mobidiag has launched a molecular diagnostic test on the European market that checks patient samples for numerous bacterial targets, including the most common bacteria causing diarrhea. The technology speeds up the diagnostic process by providing results in around an hour, while conventional diagnostics using cell culture take several days.

The device, Novodiag Bacterial GE+, is a disposable cartridge on which patient stool samples are loaded. The samples are then analyzed on the biotech’s using qPCR and microarray technologies.

Mobidiag’s news follows the FDA approval German biotech Curetis recently received to market a very similar technology in the US. Both Mobidiag and Curetis’ technologies can help fight antimicrobial resistance in hospital-acquired infections by significantly speeding up the diagnostic process. While Mobidiag’s tech focuses on identifying microbes in the gut, Curetis’ device specializes in diagnosing lung infections. It works out well for patients that a promising technology is being developed in different disease ares.

Image by Kateryna Kon/Shutterstock

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