Oxford Biotech Can Detect Breast Cancer Stages via Blood

Oxford BioDynamics has developed a blood biopsy called EpiSwitch to test for breast cancer and its stages through epigenetic biomarkers.

EpiSwitch, a liquid biopsy from spinout Oxford BioDynamics, has been shown in a 136-patient trial to identify breast cancer via epigenetic biomarkers known as chromosome conformation signatures. Through this analysis, EpiSwitch correctly identified all four stages of the disease. The next step for Oxford BioDynamics is to investigate patients’ family histories of breast cancer to analyze genetic predisposition for breast cancer.

The field of liquid biopsies suffered a PR catastrophe with the implosion of Theranos, but there are a number of biotechs reclaiming its respectability. Qiagen recently received FDA approval for its gene-based test for a rare leukemia, while Angle and Epigenomics have developed their own for ovarian and colorectal cancers respectively. As these biotechs continue to progress, one may yet fulfill the dream of Elizabeth Holmes.

Image via Africa Studio / shutterstock.com

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