More News! Alzheimer’s treatment, gene therapies, fruit-based bioplastic and more…

Try as we might, we can’t cover all the cool biotech news out there! Here’s a roundup of what didn’t make the cut over the last week.

Regulations and funding

  • Cell Mogrify received €490,966 in funding from government backed Innovate UK to help progress the UK biotech’s cell therapy pipeline.
  • UK-based Evox Therapeutics was awarded  €1.75 Million from Innovate UK to develop its exosome therapy targeting a rare metabolic disease.
  • Transgene, a French immunotherapy biotech, has secured a €20M loan from French investment bank Natixis to develop its cancer and infectious disease therapies.
  • Probiodrug and the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study in the US have secured a grant worth €13.2M to run a phase II trial of the German biotech’s drug for treating mild Alzheimer’s.
  • Pfizer has secured a 15% share of French liver gene therapy company Vivet Therapeutics for €45M, with which it is working on a treatment for Wilson disease, with an exclusive option to acquire the whole company for up to €560M at a later date.
  • Deinove, an industrial and medical biotech based in France, announced its robotic extraction and screening platform for testing bacteria for antibiotic activity is now live, triggering a €1.5M payment from Bpifrance.

Products and services


  • The Mutation Analysis Facility at Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden has launched a range of sequencing services for clients across Europe to support precision medicine research and clinical decision making.

Clinical trials

  • Swedish biotech Alligator Bioscience presented promising early stage results for its candidate anti-cancer antibody aimed at treating metastasizing cancer.
  • UK-based Arecor has the go ahead to begin a phase I clinical trial for its ultra-fast acting insulin in Austria.
  • Morphosys and Chinese I-Mab Biopharma have started a phase II trial of Morphosys’s investigational antibody treatment for multiple myeloma in Taiwan, triggering a €4.4M milestone payment to the German biotech.
  • UK-based Trizell has launched a phase III trial of its gene therapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma, an aggressive form of lung cancer.
  • Dutch biotech Modra Pharmaceuticals has started a phase II trial of its treatment for metastatic breast cancer, a less toxic, more patient friendly formulation of well known cancer drug docetaxel.


  • Oxford BioDynamics is collaborating with Imperial College London to develop new methods of screening for prostate cancer.


  • A Swedish researcher has managed to make a prototype edible bioplastic out of orange and apple waste.
  • Algae capsules containing immune cells called macrophages could help prevent limb amputation in people with circulation problems by increasing blood flow to at-risk areas.

Images via E. Resko

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