Dutch Biotech could treat Dyslipidemia with Belgian Nanobody

argenx staten biotechnology dyslipidemia

Argenx’ partner Staten Biotechnology has published results that present a drug licensed from the Belgian biotech as a promising approach to control blood lipid levels.

Staten Biotechnology is a young biotech in Breda, the Netherlands, focusing on treating dyslipidemia and reduce cardiovascular mortality and backed by BioGeneration Ventures and Forbion Capital Partners as investors. Back in 2015, it signed a deal with Belgian Argenx that resulted in the Dutch biotech exercising the option to license the nanobody ARGX-116 earlier this year.

Today, the company has published preclinical data in Nature Medicine that shows the potential of the drug candidate to treat dyslipidemia through mice experiments. ARGX-116 could bind and reduce the levels of apoC3, a protein that stimulates the accumulation of lipids and triglycerides in the blood, which has been linked to cardiovascular mortality. The results have encouraged Staten to proceed with the development of the drug candidate, with Argenx entitled to receive royalties on the income it generates.

Image via Victor Josan / Shutterstock

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