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Like many others, the biopharma industry has been shaken by the rapid rise of the coronavirus outbreak. But unlike any other industry, biopharma can solve the growing threat through science and innovation.

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In-depth Analysis

The European Fight Against The Covid-19 Coronavirus

coronavirus biotech newsAs coronavirus disease sweeps the globe, a number of European healthcare organizations are stepping up to meet challenges in producing vaccines and diagnostics. All players in the scramble to develop Covid-19 vaccines are at the preclinical stage. It’s hard to say who is winning the race for a vaccine, but research supported by big pharma is getting the most attention.

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How Will Coronavirus Impact Drug Pipelines?

coronavirus drug pipelineAs the coronavirus pandemic rages, drug development is becoming harder than ever, if arguably even more important. What is the extent of the issue, and how can companies protect their pipelines?

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COVID-19 in the news

20/03/2020 – Themis and Institut Pasteur Join Coronavirus Vaccine Hunt

The collaboration will be led by the Parisian Institut Pasteur, whose vaccine technology — in this case modifying a measles virus vector to carry coronavirus antigens — is licensed to Themis. Themis will speed up the research by providing scaling and manufacturing muscle. Read more.

17/03/2020 – CureVac Receives €80M from EU to Fund Coronavirus Vaccine Amid US Dispute

The money was awarded to help CureVac quickly scale up the production of its candidate Covid-19 vaccine. It came one day after allegations from the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag claiming that US President Donald Trump intended to acquire the vaccine for exclusive use in the US. Read more.

17/03/2020 – BioNTech Confirms Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Collaboration

BioNTech has jumped to the front of the queue of European companies trying to get a vaccine for the coronavirus to market with an announcement of clinical testing at the end of next month and a big Chinese investment. Read more.

16/03/2020 – Coronavirus Delays Sensorion’s Hearing Loss Phase II Trial

The clinical trial is designed to test Sensorion’s lead candidate drug in people with sudden sensorineural hearing loss, a rare disorder where the patient can go deaf within several days. The trial results were to be released late 2020, but the company now expects to release them in mid-2021. Read more.

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