More News! British AI scores an ALS drug candidate

Try as we might, we can’t cover all the biotech news out there! Here’s a roundup of news that didn’t make the cut this week.

Marco Diaz Segura
  • Arix co-led a €40M ($45M) Series B round for Patrick Baeuerle‘s San Francisco-based company, Harpoon Therapeutics
  • Horizon Discovery has a new gene editing platform for research and therapeutic applications, adding to their already-full arsenal of methods
Oleksii G
  • The EMA struck down XBiotech’s drug with a flat-out rejection, following a negative opinion from CHMP; the Texan biotech remains undeterred
  • BenevolentAI has scored a win with a drug candidate that appears to delay the onset of ALS
  • Hookipa published results demonstrating its TheraT platform’s efficacy at “turning cold tutors hot” to improve their targeting by immuno-oncology therapies.
Brian Lasenby
  • Spider silk is could become a new low-cost lung surfactant as a treatment for respiratory disease and to help pre-term babies breathe, thanks to a group of European researchers

Images from Brian Lasenby, Nirun Thuwasin, Marco Diaz Segura, Oleksii G /

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