More News! EMA takes down Texan biotech, American dealmaking slows

Try as we might, we can’t cover all the biotech news out there! Here’s a roundup of news that didn’t make the cut this week.

Marco Diaz Segura

  • Dealmaking in the US has slowed, disappointing optimists about biotech’s recovery

Oleksii G

  • Moderna has lifted the veil just a bit on the much-anticipated human efficacy data of its mRNA-based flu vaccine

Brian Lasenby

  • The EMA demolished the stock price of Texas-based XBiotech with a negative opinion of its cancer drug
  • Researchers have more details on how bacteria survive in the human immune system
  • Sandoz is off to the Supreme Court in its biosimilar battle with Amgen

Images from Brian Lasenby, Eric Axelson, Marco Diaz Segura, Oleksii G /

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