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More News! Will GSK Bring to Market the First Malaria Treatment in 60 Years?

01/12/2017 - 1 minute

Try as we might, we can’t cover all the biotech news out there! Here’s a roundup of news that didn’t make the cut this week.

  • Sphere Fluidics, based in Cambridge, has received a  €1.6M grant from Eurostars to support the development of its DNA docking tech for genome editing.
  • Orchard Therapeutics extending is its collaboration with Manchester University to include Sanfilippo B Syndrome.

  • GSK has submitted a new drug application to the FDA for its malaria treatment to prevent relapse, which could be the first new treatment in 60 years.
  • Sotio started one of the notable biotechs in the Czech Republic, has a Phase II trial in ovarian cancer.
  • Merck missed its endpoint in a Phase III trial for a third-line gastric cancer treatment.

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