More News! Selexis’ acquisition & a potential cure for rare liver disease

Try as we might, we can’t cover all the biotech news out there! Here’s a roundup of news that didn’t make the cut this week.

Marco Diaz Segura
  • Selexis was acquired by JSR Life Sciences, though terms were not disclosed
  • Sanofi could pour up to €2B into biologics production in the next 3 years
  • Numab struck a licensing deal with Japanese pharma Kaken, for which no financial details were disclosed
  • Kiadis banked €5M in a private placement
  • Cantargia signed a deal with Panorama Research Inc to develop and antibody against IL1RAP for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
Oleksii G
  • The Medical University of Vienna reports initial success treating a liver disorder that is so far incurable
  • RedHill announced positive Phase III results for its small molecule, BEKINDA, in gastroenteritis
  • Patients with aggressive prostate cancer were identified thanks to a red blood cell technique developed by researchers at the Queen Mary University of London

Images from Brian Lasenby, Nirun Thuwasin, Marco Diaz Segura, Oleksii G /

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