Biomarker Test for Crohn’s Disease Gets Massive Support From Wellcome Trust

30/04/2018 - 2 minutes

PredictImmune has been awarded £4.3M (€4.8M) by the Wellcome Trust to run a clinical trial with its prognostic biomarker test for Crohn’s disease.

UK biotech PredictImmune, a developer of prognostic lab tests for patients with immune-mediated diseases, has received £4.3M (€4.8M) from the Wellcome Trust to conduct a clinical trial for its biomarker test for Crohn’s disease.

Crohn’s disease is a chronic, inflammatory bowel condition for which there is currently no cure. Moreover, it is difficult to determine how serious a patient’s case will be at the time of diagnosis.

PredictImmune’s technology uses a routine blood test that identifies genetic markers for Crohn’s disease. The clinical trial, sponsored by the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, will assess whether the biomarker test can help choose the best option for each patient between standard anti-inflammatory therapy and biologic immunomodulatory drugs.

Wellcome Trust Supports Biomarker Test for Crohn's Disease

Today, there is no gold standard for the diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, which is often tested for with ultrasound, blood and stool samples. Some of these diagnostic approaches, such as colonoscopies, are invasive and carry the risk of perforating the patient’s gut. PredictImmune’s biomarker diagnostic test could make testing non-invasive and improve the treatment of Crohn’s disease in the long-term.

European biotechs are making significant advances in treating Crohn’s disease. For example, TiGenix recently received a European marketing authorization for its stem cell therapy Alofisel for treating one of the disease’s more serious side effects.

The news marks another steady step forward for PredictImmune. Last year, the UK biotech raised £4.7M (€5.3M) in Series A equity funding to develop its laboratory services and diagnostic kits for clinical gastroenterology use in Europe and the US.

Images by TiGenix, u3d/Shutterstock

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